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About the Puggle breed.

About the Puggle Breed

When finding a dog pet to have, we want to bring home one that is good-natured and friendly enough that it could grow up together with our kids and is very friendly enough. Look not because you can now get the dog that fits you and your life style here in Kentucky. Meet the Puggle breed!

What is a Puggle

A Puggle is a mixed breed kid of dog that is a combination of a pug and a beagle. They are usually the off spring between a female beagle and a male pug. An adult puggle basically has the size and shape of a beagle, having floppy ears, a barrel shaped torso, long tapered tails and legs that are longer than a pug. A puggle will typically have fewer wrinkles than a pug, but may have some folds around the face, giving them their adorable exaggerated expressions. This breed of dog are double coated in nature, with a short dense undercoat and a smooth outer coat. Puggles comes in many colors that you’d find in a pug or a beagle, which includes red, tan, black and white.  Because puggles are a mixed-breed type of dog, they don’t have an established breed standard, but puggle puppies generally take on characteristics of both their parents and breeds.

History of the Puggle breed

The Puggle is a hybrid dog that combines the characteristics of pug and a beagle.  In the 1980’s the first puggle was bred by Wisconsin breeder Wallace Heavens. The cross bred was done to accommodate the need for companion designer dog. They were largely bred when the term PUGGLE was coined during the 1990’s. Puggles were first commercially available in the year 2000’s and their popularity has grown ever since and was even tagged as the Hottest dog of 2005.

Needs and living with Puggles

A puggle will be very happy in a home with a fence in yard as it tends to run around in, and also be ready for some digging and barking. They can also co-exist living in apartments as long as they are given regular exercises. Puggles are generally energetic and active. As intelligent as this breed is, puggles might get bored easily which can really lead to behaviors like chewing, excessive barking and howling if they don’t get enough physical and mental stimulation. Because of their energy level, puggles make great exercise buddies. That is why they are great companions for people who likes walking and running.

Caring for Puggles

Puggles have a short, silky coat that sheds periodically, with some shedding in between seasons. Brush your dog with a medium bristle brush or a rubber grooming mitt once a week to remove loose hair, and give him a wash if he gets dirty. If your puggle is extremely wrinkled, clean its wrinkles using pet wipes, baby wipes, or a wet cotton ball on a daily basis, as well as their ears.

Puggles have ravenous appetites, and their scent hound noses are great at sniffing out everything edible. Special precautions must be taken, such as keeping food and rubbish out of reach or securely stored away. Puggles will quickly gain weight if left to their own devices, so it's best to put them on a feeding schedule rather than letting them graze from their bowl all day.